MSci CS – 2nd Semester Review

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on here,  it’s been a very busy term leading up to exams but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. The year started off with a rocky start as I had fractured my foot over Christmas in India, leading me to wear a cast for the first 3 weeks of the term. For this duration I was commuting to university which wasn’t as bad as I would’ve expected it to be, you really can’t go wrong with mum’s home cooked food.

One of the highlights of the second semester was the Robot Programming team project, where we were allocated into groups of 9 to create a multi robot autonomous warehouse system. It really was as fun as it sounds, we were to create these systems using Lego Mindstorm NXT robots and Java leJOS firmware. As a team we would have to handle tasks such as multi robot A* search route planning, job selection and robot localisation. For the project I volunteered as team leader which was great experience with working with and managing other people.  Another highlight was being voted in as the next President for the University Kabaddi Team as well as winning the award of being the most committed to the club, this was very surprising considering I had spent the first quarter of the term in a foot cast.

Due to the School of Computer Science at UOB not setting January exams I was able to relax over the Christmas break, not having to worry about the usual January mock examinations that came with GCSEs and A-levels. However, this came with the price that we would would have to sit all our exams in the Summer term, leaving us with 8 exams to prepare for. So the remainder of the semester was focused on trying to find spaces in the library and revising for these exams. I spent the Easter break revising, meeting with school friends as well as learning the ropes with my new Presidency. During this time I had managed to secure a place on Sky One’s  ‘A league of Their Own’ for the team to showcase the sport, with a practice shoot after exams. With the practice shoot being a success they have called us for filming in July.

As with all exams, the exam season came and went in an instant. Now that they’re over, I’ll have to try and relax until July when the results are released. Until that time I’ll use this time to play a lot of Golf, Kabaddi and enjoying the beautiful British Summer time. Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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