MSci CS – 2nd Semester Review

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on here,¬† it’s been a very busy term leading up to exams but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. The year started off with a rocky start as I had fractured my foot over Christmas in India, leading me to wear a cast for the first 3 weeks of […]

A week with ARM

Over the past week, I have spent my time in a little village outside Cambridge named Foxton. This week was spent at Villier’s Park on a Computer Science residential course sponsored by ARM. The week consisted of both practical application as well learning new theoretical concepts. Since the course was sponsored by ARM, our projects […]

What I’m Listening To: Kushy V

Want to hear something ‘Pure’? Something to go alongside your ‘Milk and Biscuits’? Well don’t ‘Panic’ and check out Kushy V on¬†Soundcloud. Kushy V doesn’t fail to deliver whether you want to get turned up to some Trap with ‘Concerto’ or chill out to ‘Dreams or Nightmares’, you know you’ll be in safe hands. There […]

Autonomous Cars

Recently, the topic of Autonomous cars has taken over the news for a variety of reasons. The branching of automation into freighting comes with lots of benefits, however the prospects of loss of jobs and concerns about public safety put to question whether society is ready for for this step into the new age.

New Book Alert – Nine Algorithms That Changed the Future by John MacCormick

THE INGENIOUS IDEAS THAT DRIVE TODAY’S COMPUTERS MacCormick has created a very well written book covering nine types of computer algorithms in a manner that appeals to non-computer scientists. These include: Search Engine Indexing PageRank Public Key Cryptography Error-Correcting Codes Pattern Recognition Data Compression Databases Digital Signatures The book in no way covers each algorithm […]